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Due to the closure of the shoe department
DISCOUNTS from 50% to 90% on men's & women's shoes!

+ discount on the total of all purchases. To see the final price add the items in the cart.

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GUESS women's leather sandals with ankle strap

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MUST HAVE for make-up fans Terms and conditions
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Prices and Taxes
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Merchandise return
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Collection and storage of the customer’s contact details
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Payment Terms
100% pre-payment, the merchandise are sent to the customer only after payment has been executed. Payment methods guaranteeing customer protection are applicable. Other possible payment methods include credit/debit cards, card remittance or bank remittance.

Prices and taxes

All prices in our internet store are stated in Euros (€). Delivery price is not included in merchandise price.
Taxes and duties on merchandise sent to the European Union countries: if the addressee lives in one of the European Union countries, the parcel will be delivered to the address specified during completing the order with no additional duties and taxes to be paid (in this case, Delivery Duty Paid formula is applicable).
Taxes and duties on merchandise sent to the countries outside the European Union: in this case, Delivery Duty Unpaid formula is applicable, which means that a delivery man together with the parcel can provide a separate invoice for customs taxes and duties envisaged by the customs legislation of the country the addressee lives in.
Please follow this link to learn about customs duties and taxes of your country: Taxes and VAT in the countries outside the European Union.


Every merchandise description includes the information about stock availability of the goods:
- If merchandise description contains the information about the goods being “In stock” highlighted in green color, the merchandise will be ready for shipping within 1-2 business days (in Italy, business days are from Monday till Friday).
- - If merchandise description contains the phrase "Preparation time for this order": highlighted in violet color, the number of business days required for preparing the parcel for shipment you will find next to this phrase. This means that the goods are being produced at the moment and have been scheduled for delivery to the warehouse.

Delivery time and methods:
To Italy: from 2 to 5 business days, courier delivery by SDA / Poste Italiane*.
* Important! If merchandise description contains the warning that the goods are in stock only on the warehouse in Latvia (the EU member country), delivery time to Italy will increase to 5-15 business days.

Delivery to the European Union countries: from 3 to 8 business days depending on the country location. The parcel is shipped by Italian post “Poste Italiane”, delivery method is quick delivery “Quick Pack Europe”.
Delivery to other countries (outside the European Union): the parcel is sent with EMS courier (Post/Poste Italiane); delivery time between 5 and 15 business days depending on . the country location and customs clearance time.

Delivery price is calculated on the basis of the parcel weight and size. Before order confirmation, the system will automatically calculate delivery price and provide the customer with the total amount to be paid including both merchandise and delivery prices.

The seller in no way is responsible for delay in goods delivery or in case the customer defers payment.

When receiving the merchandise, it’s advisable for the customer to check:
- the package and contents integrity, as well as to check whether the package has been damaged or not while in shipment.
- if the external package of the parcel is damaged we recommend that the customer write a phrase “the goods accepted only provided that the addressee can inspect the contents for damages” .
when signing the consignment document given by the courier to the recipient for signing. Otherwise, the customer can open the external package and check the goods in front of the courier.
In case the customer doesn’t inspect the goods in front of the courier or doesn’t stipulate additional conditions for signing after receiving the parcel with external damages, the shipper/courier accept no subsequent complaints from either the seller or the buyer.

PARCEL TRACKING: After the parcel has been sent, the buyer receives the code for tracking the parcel via Internet (tacking code) to the e-mail address stipulated upon registration. The seller also recommends checking the mail box regularly, because if the courier doesn’t find the addressee at home when delivering the parcel, he will leave a postal notice in the mail box.

Keep in mind that couriers are not always accurate and don’t always adhere to stipulated delivery time.

In some cases, there can be delays in delivering the parcels. The customer should remember this when making an order. The above-stated delivery time is only estimated one. It is based on an average statistical data and can vary. Therefore, in case the buyer has strict requirements to delivery time, it is recommended to place an order several days/weeks prior to the deadline for the required delivery date.

The seller is in no way responsible for delivery delay due to actions of the courier or the customs in the recipient country. Therefore, probable delays cannot be considered the reason for merchandise return, goods rejection or claims for indemnification. When placing an order, the customer accepts all the Sales terms stipulated on this page.

Additional services and prices:
- If the merchandise price / total amount of the order exceeds €300.00, the price of the goods includes the parcel insurance cost.
- If the customer wishes to insure the merchandise / parcel cheaper than €300.00, before making payment for the order he should send us a request on adding the insurance cost to the total amount to be payed to our e-mail address and provide the order number.
In the latter case, the insurance cost will amount to €3.00.

In case the customer stipulated the wrong address or he is absent at the place of receipt for more than 15 days, then the parcel is returned to the seller. Return of funds in this case occurs according to the following formula: Buyer receive the refund of the value of the goods only, without transportation costs that was paid to courier.

Merchandise return
The required conditions for merchandise return (stipulated in the Italian law D.L. 206/2005) are as follows:
- The law is applicable only in case the customer is an individual person purchasing merchandise for personal use and not for subsequent commercial operations.

- The merchandise that is subject to return must be absolutely new with no signs of usage.
- All the sealed original labels must be present on the merchandise.
- The item must returned in its original packaging protected by another casing suitable to avoid any alteration of the original packaging during transport; all accessories must be present and there must no signs of wear or damage.
- The merchandise must be returned in the original packing; the packing must be in good condition and undamaged; when being returned, the goods’ package should prevent it from being damaged during shipment. When the seller gets the merchandise back, it should conform to the above-stated conditions and the packing should be undamaged.
- The buyer has the right to reject the goods and send them back within 14 days of the parcel receipt.

Discounted goods
Money refund is not applicable for the discounted goods with the discount rate exceeding or amounting to 40% of the initial price. There are 2 possible options in this case: 1 – exchange for another merchandise; 2 – the buyer can use the spent amount to purchase another merchandise in our shop within any time period.

Important! Due to the problems and bureaucratical difficulties at the Italian customs related to parcels importing, only the following groups of customers have the right to return the goods:
- The customers living in the European Union countries.
If the country of the customer’s residence is located outside the European Union, he has the right to return the goods only in case a NEW UNUSED ITEM have serious defects that prevent the buyer from using this merchandise. In any case, all the goods undergo strict control for defects before being shipped to the customer.

If all the conditions of merchandise return have been observed, that customer gets money refund except for postal charges.

The merchandise return procedure:

- If the customer wants to return the goods, he should send a request to the e-mail address, providing the order number and the article code.

We will answer the customer’s request as promptly as possible confirming of declining return if the above-stated rules haven’t been observed.

The customer can send the goods to the seller within 5 business days from the date of receiving the written confirmation.

Return requests will not be accepted if the customer has fail to conform to all the conditions stipulated on this page.

Bank remittance or PayPal payment.
Timeframe: the returned goods are checked and controlled within 7 days from the date of the parcel receipt by the seller. If the merchandise condition corresponds to the above-stated requirements, within 30 days of the goods receipt the buyer gets money refund that amounts to the cost of the goods.


Collection and storage of the customer’s contact details

The company responsible for the customer’s data collection (full names, delivery addresses and contact details) - D'Addazio Srls, legal address: Italy, 64011 Alba Adriatica (TE), via Roma 30/B, Italia; Tel./fax: 0861.751297
Responsible for data storage - hoster Aruba S.p.A., Tax reference number IT01573850516, legal address: Italy, Via San Clemente, 53 - 24036 Ponte San Pietro (BG)
Collection of the information about the customer’s address, contact details and full name is carried out by our store sole for the purpose of preparing the purchased leather and ecoleather goods for shipment and delivering them to the buyer’s address.
The buyer provides only the data required for delivering the purchased goods. collects information about the customer only at the customer’s option for carrying out commercial activity on selling leather goods via the Website taking the responsibility for storing personal information and protecting it from unauthorized access.
Besides the customer’s full name and address, personal data includes the following information: e-mail address and telephone number. This information is required for processing the order and after-sale service.
In some cases, may request additional information about the order from the buyer. The first request is sent vie e-mail. In case, the buyer fails to answer within 24 hours, the store tries to contact the customer by phone, SMS or Whats App / Viber message.
The buyer’s personal information may be deleted on the buyer’s request. To do that, you should contact our store by sending an e-mail with the message subject “request for deleting the user account”. The user data will be deleted within 60 days of the request receipt.

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